Advanced Network at University Hospital San Ángel Inn Improves Patient Care

Extreme Networks provided the University Hospital San Ángel Inn with a complete wired and wireless infrastructure that helped to improve patient care at the facility. IT specialists from Extreme Networks, Hospital San Ángel Inn and channel partner Fandis were involved in the whole IT integration. There are now 200 users benefitting from an improved network infrastructure across the whole facility, with the following benefits:

  • Role-based management. The Extreme Networks solution provided role-based management and Quality of Service down to the user level, which is key in the handling of electronic medical records, and positively impacted the speed and quality of patient care. For example, the hospital is able to limit access to the EMR to only the appropriate care givers.
  • Improved access to resources. The core network, based on S-Series switches, improved access to critical medical resources and optimized bandwidth utilization across the network.
  • Increased security. The new network at the hospital is based on a secure infrastructure, in which the network design segments broadcast domains, improving security and control access to various hospital services for the entire staff.