Addressing Healthcare Trends Today and Tomorrow

Today’s healthcare providers are faced with the challenges of providing pervasive Wi-Fi to support BYOD initiatives, refining clinical workflows to leverage technology and incorporating Meaningful Use. Integrating and securing wireless into the clinical workflow is more challenging than ever with the avalanche of new devices (biomedical, tablets, workstations on wheels, smart phones, VoIP wireless handsets, etc.) that patients and clinicians require access to. Due to the critical nature of the healthcare environment it is imperative that the wireless connection be highly available while ensuring secure access to EMR.

Simply put, the technology has to work.
Success will not be based solely on application delivery, but on the clinician’s user experience. A high-density, yet flexible infrastructure that can support new process and technology change is what caregivers require to provide world-class medical care in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

In this document, you will learn more about:

  • Healthcare technology trends of today, and tomorrow
  • Benefits of IdentiFi Wireless in healthcare
  • The innovative OneFabric architecture for healthcare
  • How to provide critical care in a dynamic BYOD environment
  • Why Extreme Networks is chosen in mission-critical hospital deployments