October 06, 2014

Ready, Set…Code!

The Grace Hopper Celebration is almost here – the world’s largest conference for women in computing and technology. I’m excited to join my peers this year as a program co-chair for Open Source Day, an eight-hour code-a-thon event taking place at the conference on October 8 between coders and non-profit organizations powered by open source.

With the objective of increasing the participation of women in computing in general, and open source in particular, the code-a-thon challenges participants to use their coding skills to solve humanitarian challenges – such as deploying highly-scalable humanitarian applications on an OpenStack cloud; enhancing open source version control tools such as GitHub or operating systems such as Linux; or developing the infrastructure needed to support disaster victims in collaboration with geo-diverse coding communities in Haiti.

In addition to the reoccurring code-a-thon, this year’s Open Source Day provides an opportunity for women new to open source to get started. The program will offer five 101 sessions from Google Chrome, FreeBSD, GitHub, The Linux Foundation and OpenHatch, which are intended for those with minimal background in open source topics.

Last year’s conference, held in Minneapolis, hosted more than 4,750 attendees from 53 countries. Twelve non-profit organizations and more than 200 attendees participated in the eight hour code-a-thon. The outcomes of this event were tremendous, with contributions helping to advance:

  • A technology that makes it easier to collect, digitize and store data that can help humanitarian causes
  • A simple, fast and cost-effective open source cloud that can be accessed anytime and anywhere
  • Smarter maps that help safely navigate people out of natural disasters

At this year’s event, we anticipate 8,000 participants from all over the globe. Having been involved with the Grace Hopper Celebration for over ten years, I’m thrilled to head to Phoenix for this year’s event and join the innovative and inspirational women that continue to push the envelope and redefine the boundaries of technology for social good.

For more information, visit the Grace Hopper Open Source Day website, and be sure to follow the conversation online with the #ghc14 and #opensource hashtags. Let’s code for humanity together!

  • Who:  Bithika Khargharia, PhD, Principal Architect, Solutions Architecture and Innovation, Extreme Networks
  • What:  Grace Hopper Open Source Day
  • When:  Wednesday, Oct. 8, 12:30 – 6:30 p.m. MT * Where: Follow the conversation online at #ghc14 and #opensource
About The Contributor:
Bithika KharghariaVertical Solutions and Architecture Engineer

Bithika Khargharia is an Intrapreneur and Principal Architect in Extreme Networks Solutions Architecture and Innovation team. She is responsible for bringing to market solutions around disruptive technologies most recently SDN. Bithika has 14+ years of technology research and development experience that spans Systems Engineering including Green, Manageability and Performance; Server, Network and Large-scale Data Center Architectures; Distributed (Grid) Computing; Autonomic Computing; and Software-defined Networking. Bithika has over 17 peer-reviewed publications, 2 patents and has contributed to 4 books on Autonomic and Green Computing. She is an Ambassador at the Anita Borg Institute and is intimately involved with shaping its flagship conference – The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Bithika got her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Arizona on Energy-efficient Large-scale Data Centers.

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