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Lightning Speed and Scalable Routers Ideal for Enterprise, Data Center, and Service Provider Computing Environments

The Routing Solution for the Digital Era

Boost your scalability and unleash business agility with Extreme Networks Ethernet core and edge routers. Increase your programmatic control and traffic visibility. These highly reliable and secure performers meet your ever-growing demands for bandwidth. And they deliver—at the industry’s lowest price per port.

SLX Series

Open, Extensible Routing Platform Features Network Visibility and Automation Innovations

With 230 terabit extensibility, real time network visibility, and DevOps-style automation, the Brocade SLX 9850 Router handily addresses the massive and growing scale, analytics, and agility needs of the digital business world. It’s an open, flexible platform that gives service providers and enterprises the power to deliver high-performance services on demand.


High-Performance Analytics

  • Dedicated bidirectional internal analytics path for data traffic ensures high performance analytics with no disruption to production traffic
  • Open environment runs third-party applications for improved operational efficiency, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Flexible, high-performance data streaming via in-band ports or out-of-band 10 GbE services port
  • Industry-leading 256 GB of dedicated storage for analytics

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MLX Series

More Power for Your Network

High performance. Bigger bandwidth. The Extreme Networks MLX Series of routers offers maximum ROI for service provider and enterprise networks that need to deliver the most bandwidth—and value—from each port on their system.


Superior Data Security and Performance

  • Total system performance: Over 1 Tbps
  • Supports up to 128 ports of 10 GbE
  • Delivers embedded IPsec encryption at wire speed
  • Supports Suite B (one of the strongest cryptographic suites for IPsec) in hardware

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CER 2000 Series

Compact Router, Carrier-Class Performance

Carrier-class routing in one-third less space than a full-size router. The Extreme Networks CER 2000 Series of routers is an excellent choice for service providers who want to deliver all the capabilities and performance of a full router in one compact, low-cost space.


Internet-Grade Routing and Peering

  • Hardened routing code
  • Can scale up to 1.5 million IPv4 routes
  • Shares the same software with the rest of the NetIron family

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Network Packet Broker

Unlock the economic power of big data with Extreme Network’s carrier-grade network visibility products portfolio. Aggregate, filter, optimize, and reduce network traffic in real time. Proactively monitor customer experience and network conditions. With a comprehensive, intelligent, and scalable network visibility platform, you’re well on your way to transforming data into revenue.

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Automation Platforms

Workflow Composer leverages StackStorm technology and its nearly 2000 customizable integration packs for popular platforms and applications to help IT organizations implement cross-domain workflow automation quickly.

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