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Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) and Virtual Services Platform (VSP) Network Management

Extreme offers a suite of tools that enable administrators to oversee, troubleshoot and configure their Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) and Virtual Services Platform (VSP) networks. These tools streamline workflows and reduce operational costs.

Eliminate human error, enable new services faster and reduce operational costs. 

Bring visibility, automation and enhanced troubleshooting to your ERS and VSP networking with this comprehensive suite of tools.

Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus

Reduce your Meantime to Repair

This powerful software tool provides network discovery, topology visualization, and performance and fault management for Extreme ERS/VSP networks – enabling you to troubleshoot your network more effectively.  This solution delivers discovery and visualization capabilities as well as fault and diagnostics for fewer than 1000 network nodes.

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Fabric Orchestrator

Extreme Fabric Orchestrator is a powerful appliance-based solution that delivers comprehensive unified management capabilities today and evolving to support powerful SDN capabilities in one tightly integrated package.  This solution is optimized for networks that have configuration requirements for more than 250 nodes and visualization / monitoring requirements for greater than 1000 nodes.

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Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus

Reduce Configuration by as much as 70%

This powerful software tool delivers centralized configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting for Extreme ERS and VSP devices.  This solution is optimized for ERS/VSP networks fewer than 250 nodes.

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Identity Engines Portfolio

Define and enforce who gets on the network, with what, to go where.

Identity Engines provides a complete solution to ensure secure BYOD, guest and network access.

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Unsurpassed Performance, Reliability, and Control

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