ExtremeRouting (OLD)

ExtremeRouting - XR600 Branch Router

Cloud-Managed Mid-Sized Router with Gigabit Ethernet for remote branches and teleworkers with high throughput demands

Reduce operational costs and Increase Performance

Dynamic path selection distributes packets across multiple connections in real-time, based on current link metrics including RTT, jitter and link utilization. More than simply providing link redundancy, it ensures traffic is passed over the most optimal path at all times. This provides a platform for dramatic cost savings where dedicated MPLS links can be swapped in favor of more affordable broadband lines.

Contextualized Security and Performance Optimization

IT can easily assign forwarding policies by application, user group, client OS, client Mac address, client location, and schedules. This allows corporate headquarters’ network usage and security policies to be consistently enforced on every device, wired or wireless, regardless of their location.

Cloud-Managed Assurance, Intelligence, and Simplicity

Managed by ExtremeCloud IQ, this device can be quickly and easily provisioned with advanced configurations, deliver granular user, device, and application reporting and be supported from any location in minutes.

  • Provide the highest levels of service and reliability cost-effectively with link state monitoring and failover
  • Stateful L2-L7 DPI firewall for context-based access security
  • Advanced and customizable QoS for traffic optimization
  • Leverage LTE as either a primary connectivity option or as back-up to ensure site-to-site connectivity and business continuity
  • Automated provisioning and deployment
  • Achieve optimal network performance with intelligent traffic steering between multiple transport links
  • Application flow control to identify, prioritize, and restrict traffic
  • Firewall throughput: Up to 600 Mbps
  • VPN throughput: Up to 250 Mbps

XR600 Technical Specifications