Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus
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Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus is an Extreme application that provides advanced network discovery, topology visualization, and fault and performance management.

VPFM Plus can discover every device on your network, providing end to end visibility in a multi-vendor environment. The application then transforms the complex network topology into simple-to-use, hierarchy- based maps, giving you clear, end-to-end views that help you quickly pin point the root cause of network issues.

With a rich suite of fault, diagnostics and reporting capabilities, VPFM Plus, significantly improves mean time to repair.  It intelligently determines the most likely cause of a network outage by correlating all network events and offers a rich set of event handling features so that if something does happen, the right personnel are immediately notified.

Heterogeneous network discovery

  • Support for standards-, proprietary-, application- and OS-based discovery
  • Device information can be used to provide a network inventory listing

Network visualization

  • Hierarchy-based topology and service-based views
  • Device connectivity and their relationships to each other

Fault management

  • SNMP Trap Receiver and Syslog Collector
  • Event correlation
  • Device status monitoring
  • Event handling and scripting
  • MIB compiler/browser

Performance management

  • Instance-based performance monitoring (MIB-browser based)
  • Long-term (trending) performance monitoring


  • Layer 2 and 3 diagnostics trends, including tools such as ICMP ping, SNMP Gets, MIB Walker/Browser, etc.
  • Diagnostic information can be exported in graphical format


  • Key Health indicator trend graphs
  • Several built-in reports with historical information

Quickly discover network issues. Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus can discover every device on your network, even from non-Extreme vendors. You can zero in on any aspect of the network and take fast action that can reduce your mean time to repair. This can result in less downtime, greater productivity,and higher user satisfaction. Simplify monitoring and resolve issues quickly. Visualize every aspect of your network, including multiple geographic locations and multiple devices. See them as simple hierarchy-based topology views.

Address all complexities of network deployment and management. This solution shares common features with Extreme Fabric Orchestrator and Extreme Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus. Use it to reduce deployment and training requirements, help improve workflow, manage devices, and pinpoint problems.

Gain End-to-End Visibility to Your Multi-Vendor Environment

You can discover devices from both Extreme and other vendors, so you only need one application to manage your network. With insight into how devices are connected and performing, you can quickly identify devices or parts of the network causing an outage and take immediate steps to correct the issue.

Manage Network Faults and Performance

The application performs monitoring for faults and sends the information that you need to do event correlation and root-cause analysis. Performance management assists in two key activities: capacity planning and change monitoring within the network.

See Significant Benefits for Business Efficiency

Decrease the complexity of managing a network by automating tasks and reporting.

Supported Operating Systems
VPFM Plus is delivered as a VMware vApp (VMware 5.5 or 6.0—both vCenter as well as ESXi are supported). It requires a minimum of six vCPUs, 22 GB of vRAM, 2 vNIC, and 250 GB of disk space.
Supported Browsers
•Internet Explorer (IE)
-Version 11
- Version 47 & 48
•Safari (Yosemite)
•Version 10.10
Devices Supported
•Virtual Services Platform 4000 - 3.0 or higher
•Virtual Services Platform 7200 - 4.2.1 or higher
•Virtual Services Platform 8000 - 4.0 or higher
•Virtual Services Platform 9000 - 3.0 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 & 8800 including the following hardware: 8681XLW module, 8681XLR module, 8616GTE module, 8672ATME MDA, 8608GBM module, 8608GTM module, 8632TXM module, 8648TXM module, 8672ATMM module, 8683POSM module - 4.0 or higher
•Virtual Services Platform 7000 - 10.1 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 59xx - 7.0 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 56xx - 5.1 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 55xx - 5.1 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 49xx - 7.1 & 7.2
•Ethernet Routing Switch 48xx - 5.2 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 45xx - 5.2 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 35xx - 5.0 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 25xx - 4.1.x or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 16xx - 2.1.5.x or higher
•WLAN - 23xx, AP 23xx
•WLAN WC8100, AP8120 - 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
•Belden - 6.0.2
•VMWare ESXi support - 5.5, 6.0
•Aura® Platform - 7.0.1