WiNG TW-522 Wall Plate

802.11ac Wall Plate Access Point

Provide High-speed Wi-Fi Services and more in the Largest Campus-style Environments Quickly

The TW-522 wireless wallplate leverages the telephone-grade wire already in the walls of your building to transform old copper wire into a high-speed network for extended wireless and wired networks. Designed for rapid and tamper-proof installation, the TW-522 is an affordable option to support higher capacity growth of network devices and new hotel services.

Patented Industry-Leading Technology

The TW-522 utilizes standard VDSL2 in conjunction with Extreme's TS 524 switch includes patented Line Power over VDSL to deliver superior in-room Wi-Fi performance over your existing in-room telephone wire.

Dual Radios to Meet Increased Capacity Demands

The TW-522 dual radios enable concurrent support for 2.4GHz and 5GHz mobile devices. And the 802.11ac radio increases the wireless network capacity and growth to support up to four times more mobile devices than typical legacy networks.

More features
  • “Invisible” Design Blends into Your Environment
  • All the In-Room Connections You Need
  • Installation Is a Snap
  • “Set It and Forget It” Technology

TW-522 Technical Specifications