T-5 System

Wi-Fi over VDSL2

Superior Coverage and Performance in Every Corner of Every Guest Room

With the T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL2 system from Extreme Networks, you can cost-effectively deliver high-speed wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage inside every guest room in your hotel and expand your wireless network bandwidth to accommodate more devices – without having to install new or rip-and-replace existing wiring.

One AP per Guest Room for the Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience

Having one TW-522 in each guest room radically improves signal levels and power. Now, every smartphone, wearable device, and laptop a guest brings can be supported with superior connectivity and lightning speeds. Plus, guests can enjoy the latest and coolest technology, such as ultra-high definition streaming voice and video, gaming, BYON, and IPTV. All this goes far to set your business apart from the rest.

Easy to Deploy

Both elements of the solution integrate with your existing technology and can be installed quickly and easily – no new wiring is required in your main communications room or your guest rooms. Simply install the TS-524 Wi-Fi Over VDSL2 switch between your PBX and the telephone connections in your guest rooms. A single TW-522 Wall Plate replaces the wired phone wall plate in one guest room to provide robust wireless coverage in the room in which it is installed, as well as additional adjacent rooms.

More features
  • Unsurpassed Affordability
  • Up to 12 TS-524 switches can be clustered together
  • Centralized access point provisioning
  • Consolidated status
  • Key performance metrics

T-5 Technical Specifications