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Feature-rich WLAN controllers for toll-quality voice, flawless video and interactive social media.

Designed for high-speed performance and 24/7 availability, Summit®WM3000 series Controllers offer a converged platform for today’s business-critical voice, video and multimedia services. Mobility and traffic control features—such as seamless roaming across Layer 2/Layer 3 deployments, 802.11e Quality of Service (QoS), Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM), Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery (UAPSD), SIP Call Admission Control and Self-Monitoring at Run Time Radio Frequency (SMART RF) and IPSec VPN gateway termination—complement cloud-delivered services and virtual servers. Controller clustering provides link redundancy and failover, load-balancing and access point redirection, ideal for supporting high densities of simultaneous users or creating fail-safe, fault-tolerant WLANs.

The Summit WM3000 series Controllers embed intelligence into the WLAN, extending identity management and network security beyond the traditional network edge. A built-in, stateful firewall inspects wired and wireless traffic based on physical location, user role, traffic stream or device ID. Role-based filtering, channel scanning, activity monitoring and real-time locationing services (RTLS) help ensure security follows users and devices as they move across wireless zones. Hotspots, which authenticate and capture guest logins, help separate public and private networks. The browser-based control panel provides remote visibility into and control over the WLAN, access points and controllers.

All Summit WM3000 series Controllers include Smart License Sharing, Power over Ethernet, GbE LAN ports, card expansion slots, and accept optional advanced security and 3G/4G add-on licenses. The Summit WM3400 series Controllers for small office and remote campus deployments, though compact in size, shares many of the enterprise features offered in the WM3600 and WM3700 models. The Summit WM3600 Controller is designed for mid- to large-sized enterprises and supports up to 576-3,072 access points. For large corporate and multi-site deployments, the Summit WM3700 Controller connects up to 3,072-12,888 access points per cluster.

Summit WM3000 series controllers provide a scalable high-performance Wireless LAN (WLAN) solution that offers ease of use and robust security features.

Summit WM3000 series controllers provide a scalable high-performance Wireless LAN (WLAN) solution that offers ease of use and robust security features. In today’s enterprise environments, dedicated resources are rarely available to build and operate the wireless network. By focusing on user-friendly installation and management, the Summit wireless mobility solution from Extreme Networks® enables IT organizations to simplify the task of
mobilizing users without compromising security or performance.

With high-speed, cross-subnet roaming and sophisticated multicast support, Summit WM3000 series controllers offer IT administrators with the features needed to meet mobile voice or multimedia networking challenges. Summit WM3000 series controllers can scale to support the largest WLAN installations while providing centralized management for remote office installations.

The Summit WM3700 controller is designed for headquarters enterprise networks that require large-scale, high-bandwidth, multi-site deployments. It offers USB ports and CF slots for file transfers and firmware updates. The Summit WM3600 controller offers comprehensive wireless controller functionality for medium-to large enterprises. Its ExpressCard™ slot is 3G/4G wireless-ready, for enabling remote site survivability. The Summit WM3400 controller is ideal for small to-medium enterprises and branch offices of large enterprises. Its compact form factor integrates wired and wireless networking and security features, for zero-touch installation and easy-to-use manageability. It comes with six AP licenses, a 3G license, Stateful/Role-based Firewall and IPSec VPN Gateway.

Comprehensive Security Features

• Role-based firewall
• IPSec VPN Gateway
• Wireless Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (WIDS/WIPS)1, 2

Value-Add Mobility Services
• Supports Real Time Location Services (RTLS)1, 2
• Enhanced guest services

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