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Extreme Networks integration with Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly ‘Lync’) simplifies deployments by resolving QoS challenges and providing deep insights into application and network performance.

Micrsosoft Skype for Business provides call setup information to Extreme Networks NetSight Advanced Management Application, which applies QoS policies from switches endpoints and provides in-depth visibility into call quality. Administrators monitor and troubleshoot applications, networks, and devices with Extreme Networks OneView Reporting and Purview Applications Analytics, enabling IT managers to quickly locate, diagnose, and correct issues that may impact Skype for Business user experiences.

The solution is enabled via Extreme Networks OneController SDN platform in OpenFlow-enabled heterogeneous environments, or via our OneConnect xAPI in traditional standards-based networks.


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Extreme Networks provides comprehensive wired, wireless and SDN solutions for Microsoft Skype for Business, including end to end QoS, contextual reporting and advanced analytics

  • Optimized Experiences for Lync Users, regardless of device type
  • Automated Provisioning of QoS across wired and wireless infrastructures
  • In-depth reporting and analytics
  • Simplified contextual troubleshooting of applications, users, and devices
  • Complete application visibility and context across all networks
  • Easier Skype for Business deployments
  • Improved Quality of Experience for end users
  • Automated QoS provisioning
  • In-depth reporting into Skype for Business performance and call quality
  • Context-based Call Reporting and Application Analytics
  • Simplified monitoring and targeted troubleshooting
  • Skype for Business Qualified Solutions:
    • Wireless: IdentiFi WiFi Access points
    • Wired: Summit and Black Diamond Switches
    • SDN: SDN API Integration with OneFabric Connect and OneController OpenDaylight Controller

Extreme Networks Components:

QoS Enforcement and In-Depth Reporting using OpenFlow SDN

  • Extreme NetSight Advanced Management Application
  • Extreme OneController

QoS Enforcement and Reporting using OneFabric Connect xAPI Integration

  • Extreme NetSight Advanced Management Application
  • Extreme Identity and Access (NAC) Application

Microsoft Components

  • Skype for Business / Lync 2010/2013 Front-end Server
  • Skype for Business / Lync QoE Server
  • Skype for Business / Lync SDN API
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