Fabric Orchestrator
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Eliminate human error, enable new services faster and reduce operational costs by bringing visibility, automation and enhanced troubleshooting to your network.

With more and more pressure to do more with less, Extreme Fabric Orchestrator represents a pragmatic solution to automating and effectively managing the underlying network. It can accelerate time to service, reduce human induced errors and significantly drive down operating costs. With a full range of management capabilities, Fabric Orchestrator provides the single-point solution with ease of use and extensibility required in today’s IT environments.

Extreme Fabric Orchestrator (EFO) is an appliance-based solution from which all Extreme ERS and VSP network switches can be monitored and managed. It delivers the robust fault, performance management, configuration and security features that are required to reduce the administration, complexity and related costs of managing the network.

  • Single Pane of Glass Management – EFO’s fully integrated suite of tools work together to provide a comprehensive, yet unified view of the network, while streamlining workflows and reducing operational costs
  • Discovery and Visualization – EFO provides rich discovery and visualization capabilities of network devices.  The application discovers all devices attached to the network, including servers, storage servers, switches, routers, IP phones, VM hosts, and more.
  • Fault and Diagnostics – Using information collected from the network EFO determines what the most likely cause of the network outage is by correlating all network events and determining the primary and secondary devices affected.
  • Configuration and Orchestration – EFO facilitates even the most complex of network configurations through simplified, intuitive wizards and easy-to-use templates. Configuration templates are created once, stored and then conveniently applied when needed.
  • Virtualization Management – EFO allows insight into the virtual machine (VM) lifecycle from activation, through moves and changes, to deletion – and can automatically provision network devices to “follow” VMs as they migrate between servers.
  • Performance Management – EFO provides tools to monitor, analyze and report application behaviors and their bandwidth utilization trends.  Data collected gives valuable insight into the traffic running across the network as well as who’s generating the traffic.  AFO performance management tools can also be used for capacity planning and change monitoring.

Drive down time to service by weeks / months.
Fabric Orchestrator automates the configuration, provisioning and orchestration of your network to drastically improve time to service.

Avoid network downtime.
Comprehensive visibility, fault and performance management capabilities pinpoint network vulnerabilities or bottlenecks before they become issues. Bulk configuration and orchestration features eliminate human induced errors.

Reduce operations costs.
Fabric orchestrator simplifies the management and operation of the network with full fault, configuration, performance and security features.

Deliver visibility and synchronization of physical and virtual resources.
Fabric Orchestrator allows critical insight into the virtual machine (VM) lifecycle – from activation, through moves and changes, to deletion – and can automatically provision network devices to “follow” VMs as they migrate between servers.

Simplify management and deployment.
Extreme Fabric Orchestrator has all applications pre-installed on a single appliance-based solution streamlining deployment. It also offers single click upgrades and patches for all the applications which reside on the appliance.

Build for the future with open technologies.
Fabric Orchestrator will offer an integrated SDN controller based on Open Daylight. Northbound REST Interfaces will allow for automation and orchestration by both 3rd party controllers and open orchestration tools such as OpenStack.

Devices Managed 
Virtual Services Platform 4000
Virtual Services Platform 7000
Virtual Services Platform 8000
Virtual Services Platform 9000
Ethernet Routing Switch 5000
Ethernet Routing Switch 4000
Ethernet Routing Switch 3500
Ethernet Routing Switch 2500
Ethernet Routing Switch 1600
WLAN 8100 / 2300
Beldon Switches
Appliance Specifications
HP DL360 Gen9 Server
Intel E5-2680v3 12 core single socket CPU
128 GB Memory
4x600 GB 15000 RPM SAS drive configured with RAID 5
2x HP 500W FS Plat Ht Plg Pwr Supply Kit
Software Supported Operating Systems 
RHEL 7.1 x64 OS running Redhat KVM Hypervisor
RHEL 5.7 x64 OS for Primary SMGR virtual machine
RHEL 6.6 x64 OS for all other virtual machines