Resilient, Cloud-based Location and Analytics Solution

Engage your customers with scalable, multi-tier indoor location services.

  • Scalable –up to 100,000 access points
  • Powerful location accuracy
  • RESTful APIs for 3rd party application integration

Create Highly Personalized Customer Experiences

Gives insight into customer preferences and traffic patterns.

Utilize your Staff more Efficiently

Shows the location of your staff, so they can assist customers better.

Gain Deep Usage Insights into your Business Locations

Demonstrates the performance of each site or department with real-time and historical location analytics.

Traditional Mobility

  • Don’t know where customers are located
  • Difficult to build engaging customer experiences
  • Non personalization possible
  • Staff does not know where it is needed most
  • No way to analyze customer patterns over time


  • Know where your customers congregate and shop most
  • Create highly personalized customer experiences
  • Utilize your staff more efficiently
  • See the performance of each site or department
  • Analyze location patterns with real-time and historical location data

ExtremeLocation Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons Technical Specifications

ExtremeLocation is compatible with