ExtremeCloud A3


The A3 Solution

A3 delivers a complete Network Access Control (NAC) for all wireless and wired clients on the network. A3 is vendor agnostic and can be deployed on all major vendors’ access networks.
Major capabilities include:

  • Self-service onboarding
  • Guest and BYOD management
  • Automated device provisioning
  • Policy-based and compliance-based access control
  • Built-in RADIUS Server
  • Device profiling


This book provides an overview of some of the basic concepts and components of NAC security. We take a look at the core components of a NAC solution, advanced NAC capabilities, and benefits of cloud-management. Dive in deeper to explore how NAC security has evolved to encompass guest access management as well as BYOD and IoT device security.

Enhanced Network Access Control

The Holistic Approach to Network Security

Download this white paper by 650 Group and Aerohive, to learn how complete, enhanced Network Access Control (NAC) enables you to take a holistic approach to securing your network.


A3 Technical Specifications

A3 Integrates with your existing security infrastructure

A3 Works with switches and WLAN equipment from all major vendors