Extreme AirDefense Spectrum Analysis
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Wireless networks operate in the same 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum as many devices, such as cordless phones, Bluetooth headsets, wireless cameras, and microwave ovens. These devices may cause minor to severe interference in the WLAN and have an impact on your network performance. Often sources are introduced unknowingly and problems are intermittent, so troubleshooting is particularly difficult and typically must be performed in real time. The Extreme AirDefense Spectrum Analysis module offers a cost-effective solution to resolve these types of interference issues.

Troubleshooting from Your Desk
By utilizing your existing ExtremeWireless WLAN infrastructure investment (dedicated sensors or access points), you can troubleshoot interference problems without having to send a technician with expensive spectrum-analyzing hardware to a specific site. The AirDefense Spectrum Analysis module is the industry’s first software-only solution to view the physical layer of your wireless network without having to install any specialized hardware.

With Spectrum Analysis, you can identify and classify possible sources of interference and view the impact to the wireless network. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, the Spectrum Analysis module lets you monitor and troubleshoot even elusive, intermittent interference sources. With the ability to view realtime spectrograms, you can easily identify possible issues and immediately take necessary steps to improve wireless performance. The tool runs in the background of the AirDefense console and provides alerts to network administrators when an interference source is detected. Performance issues can be proactively addressed before critical wireless applications are affected. Detection is done from a central console, avoiding the need for IT staff to make on-site visits to determine the cause of interference issues.

Holistic Wireless Management
The Spectrum Analysis module runs on the AirDefense Services Platform and requires no additional hardware for functionality. The Platform offers seamless integration of wireless Security & Compliance solutions, WLAN Infrastructure Management, and Network Assurance tools that centrally troubleshoot user connectivity issues and fix WLAN performance problems. The AirDefense Services Platform is the industry’s first comprehensive service-oriented platform that can be leveraged by enterprise IT to dramatically reduce TCO and achieve quicker ROI from their WLAN.

Extreme AirDefense Solutions reflect our holistic approach to network design, management, security, and network assurance. Extreme Networks delivers both an unrivaled indoor/outdoor wireless portfolio and the software tools you need to build and operate a trusted high-performance wireless network.

System Requirements for Extreme AirDefense Solutions

An AirDefense server appliance is required to run the AirDefense Services Platform and all AirDefense modules. The server appliance is a true plug-and-play system with a hardened operating system, optimized database, and application software included.

Current model options include:

  • Model 1252
  • Model 3652
  • Model 4250

Please see each Extreme AirDefense server appliance data sheet for model specs.