Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus
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Extreme Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus (COM Plus) is a real-time web-based network management solution that offers centralized configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting for ERS and VSP devices. Ideal for companies that want a cost-effective, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage solution that simplifies configuration and device provisioning, COM Plus allows authorized and authenticated personnel to conveniently and quickly configure devices on the network regardless of where the user or the device is located. As a GUI-driven solution, Extreme COM Plus includes element management, inventory, updates, and device and user access control. Furthermore, its intuitive and easy-to-use wizards can help reduce configuration time by as much as 70 percent, freeing up valuable IT expertise.

Wizard based device discovery to enable operators to quickly discover and manage their network.

Consolidates configuration, provisioning and orchestration through topology-driven, web-based integrated element management.

GUI-driven network-wide configuration, inventory, event and change management.

Supports multiple concurrent users and includes powerful access controls, such as role-based user control functionality to ensure that only authorized users are making updates and changes on selected devices.

Intuitive wizards and easy-to-use templates that can apply updates across multiple devices reducing configuration setup time, while decreasing the likelihood of error.

Reduce Configuration Complexity

Configure, provision, and troubleshoot hundreds of network devices. Reduce network set-up time by as much as 70% with built in configuration wizards and easy to use templates that can be saved and applied whenever needed. Detailed audit logs track all the details of who’s made device changes and when.

Quick Device Identification and Set Up

Scan your network and find the specific device or service you want to provision. One-click tools let you view and easily modify the device configuration.

Avoid Misconfigurations and Downtime

Accelerate installation and reduce errors that could bring the network down. Wizards provide a guided workflow and create configuration templates that can be saved and used multiple times.

Quickly Configure the Network to Support New Services

Integrated tools let network administrators quickly and easily modify VLANs, configure routing patterns, upload network software updates, and more.

Built-in controls

Ensure that only authorized personnel can access management functions and selected devices.

Supported Operating Systems 
Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus is delivered as a VMware vApp (VMware 5.5 or 6.0—both vCenter as well as ESXi are supported). It requires a minimum of six vCPUs, 16 GB of vRAM, 2 vNIC, and 200 GB of disk space.

Supported Browsers 
•Internet Explorer (IE)
-Version 11
-Version 47 and 48
•Safari (Yosemite)
-Version 10.10

Devices Supported
•Virtual Services Platform 4000 - 3.0 or higher
•Virtual Services Platform 7200 – 4.2.1 or higher
•Virtual Services Platform 8000 - 4.0 or higher
•Virtual Services Platform 9000 - 3.0 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 & 8800 including the following hardware: 8681XLW module, 8681XLR module, 8616GTE module, 8672ATME MDA, 8608GBM module, 8608GTM module, 8632TXM module, 8648TXM module, 8672ATMM module, 8683POSM module - 4.0 or higher
•Virtual Services Platform 7000 - 10.1 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 59xx - 7.0 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 56xx - 5.1 or higher

•Ethernet Routing Switch 55xx - 5.1 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 49xx - 7.1 & 7.2
•Ethernet Routing Switch 48xx - 5.2 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 45xx - 5.2 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 35xx - 5.0 or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 25xx - 4.1.x or higher
•Ethernet Routing Switch 16xx - 2.1.5.x or higher