February 29, 2012

Play Buzzword Bingo at RSA

This week I had the opportunity to attend the RSA 2012 conference in San Francisco. My conference experience started with supporting the Trusted Computing Group breakout session on Monday. I worked a table providing demonstrations of integrated physical and network security with two of our technology partners, Hirsch and Infoblox.
The four hour session was well attended, standing room only for much of the day. There was tremendous interest among the attendees in the evolution of the various TCG standards and attendees had many questions during the demonstrations.
The general atmosphere was that there was momentum in vendor implementation of the standards and best practices from early adopters were very useful to attendees evaluating the solutions these standards enable.
I spent Tuesday in meetings and walking the show floor, evaluating the products and solutions being marketed this year. I noticed a lot of abuse of specific terms by many vendors, even this author has been known to abuse a few of these. 🙂
To make a game of it, I started jotting down terms that really are over-used and noted how often I saw them. I’ve compiled this table for your entertainment if you happen to be attending the conference. I’m interested in how quickly you can call “Bingo” with this card. Please comment on this post with how much time or how many aisles you walked to get Bingo.
The general themes of this year’s show demonstrate vendor’s attempting to align themselves with two market forces – virtualization, aka cloud, and BYOD, aka bring your own device. The trouble I experienced is many vendors are adding these terms to their products without fully addressing the requirements many customers I’ve consulted with have. By badging on extra terms such as “comprehensive”, “persistent”, or “complete” it would somehow endow their products with magical status. There are many good solutions available, but sorting through the hype is quite the challenge.
I hope you enjoy this game I’ve created and more importantly the show.
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