September 24, 2012

Intelligent Physical Security, a New Approach to Physec

Extreme Networks Summit X440 Switches

The Summit X440: the Affordable Edge Switch that brings intelligence to physec deployments

At Extreme Networks we have long taken pride in doing things just a little bit better. After doing a very cool AP for the campus, we then spun copper into gold at Interop with the announcement of 10G copper for the Summit X670 and the BlackDiamond X8.

This time we are bringing purple goodness to the world of physec, or physical security. Physical security, the world of devices and systems meant to control physical access or monitor physical assets, was in the past a very analog world. Even today about 80% of the cameras that have gone digital are still on dedicated networks, but sadly these dedicated networks are often built with low end, unmanaged switches and often lack intelligent networking capabilities, good power management and are relatively inflexible and usually don’t have much in the way of integrated security.

The Extreme Networks vision is better. First, the network becomes a key part of the deployment, not an afterthought chosen based largely on lowest possible price. One of the funny things that happens when rolling out networks on the cheapest possible hardware is that while you may gain something in CAPEX, your OPEX is often higher. We believe that by rolling out flexible, intelligent networks based on robust, reliable hardware that not only do you avoid downtime, but you also enjoy reduced operational expenses. With 25% of physec support problems being network related, it makes sense to build a solid foundation on a robust network.

Power is one way that we help make this happen. We can power cameras and other security devices, even outdoor heated cameras or HD/IR cameras, with PoE/PoE+. Not only that, but for devices that don’t need to run 24×7, we can set up a power schedule and shut them down when not needed. Additionally, fine grained control over PoE allows a physec operator to reboot cameras or other devices when needed, a simple thing that can add up to significant savings when the cost of a truck roll can be $600-$1500 per incident.

Security is another Extreme Advantage. Physec devices are often in remote areas. With relatively little visibility and control over the network, cheap commodity switches do little to ensure that a port that should have a camera attached really has a camera on it and not someone’s laptop. With Identity Management and policy driven security, we have the ability to help ensure that the switch that should have cameras on it is only passing traffic from cameras and is blocking other traffic, like the port scans from a hacker’s laptop.

In the end, our years of experience building highly reliable, robust Ethernet networks brings benefits not only to traditional data center and enterprise, but also to physical security networks. We invite you to learn more about our physical security solutions:

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