May 03, 2011

Path to Interop: The Power of 1


I am sure you’ve all heard of train gauges, and luckily, a single country usually runs on a single gauge, most commonly standard, a single signaling system, and if electric, a single voltage and current.  But consider the nightmare if each city had its own gauge, selected AC or DC at random, and had deployed incompatible signaling protocols.  Scary.

A close analogy to this is an enterprise network with a separate network OS at the edge, another in the core, and yet another within the data center.  How can the IT manager possibly guarantee an end-to-end user experience when configurations, services supported, and the network management platform changes across each segment of the network? No wonder some network vendors use the term ‘release trains.’

The answer is a single, extensible end-to-end network OS.

This is the Power of 1 – the power of ExtremeXOS®.   From the campus edge to the data center, network administrators have at their disposal a single platform that not only offers a rich set of networking features, but that also supports personalization through scripting and loadable modules.  We offer a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) that extends the capabilities of ExtremeXOS through a set of comprehensive APIs.  One use of the SDK is integration with higher-level applications and business software.

At next week’s Interop in Las Vegas, we’re showing off a next-generation data center and cloud-computing portfolio.  These products, leveraging ExtremeXOS, are only the beginning of where we’ll be taking the data center.  Links to automation and deployment of open architectures such as OpenStack will leverage the flexibility of our OS, while providing a cost-effective alternative to vendor lock-in.

If you’re struggling with a piecemeal software OS that causes confusion when designing and maintaining your network because it runs on different trains without feature compatibility across all switches, you have good reason to take a look at Extreme Networks, at booth #2051 in Las Vegas.

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