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Extreme Networks integration with AirWatch from Vmware enables control of which devices access the network and to what degree, and control what connectivity level is applied to a device, in terms of bandwidth, filtering of network traffic, VLAN assignment, forcing enrollment in MDM, and more. Learn more on the VMware Solutions page.

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STANLEY Healthcare's AeroScout Visibility System helps customers improve operational efficiency by leveraging standard wireless networks to track and manage the location, condition and status of mobile assets and people. Integration between STANLEY Healthcare's AeroScout Visibility System and Extreme Networks NetSight NAC enables IT managers to securely manage and control a single network for wireless and wired devices and applications. Only through a solid, fabric-based networking foundation can hospitals become more cost-efficient, improve patient safety, and maintain a high quality of service.

Extreme Networks NetSight NAC and Fiberlink Communications IBM MaaS360 integration includes improved access control, security and simplified device management. The solution enables IT to block personally identifiable information from being collected on smartphones and tablets and allows administrators to select which privacy settings they wish to implement, including preventing the viewing of personal information on smartphones and tablets and restricting administrators from viewing personal applications outside the corporate application catalogue.

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Automating the discovery, risk assessment, onboarding and provisioning of BYOD devices, integration of JAMF's Casper Suite and Extreme Networks NetSight NAC enables IT departments to troubleshoot and gain visibility into individual users, and see active directory or guest status information, including sponsor, location, access points or switches users are connected to, what applications are in use, as well as device type and myriad other device details.

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The joint MobileIron and Extreme Networks NetSight NAC solution provides IT Managers with a unified and granular approach for consistent policy management, access control, compliance monitoring and reporting across all network tiers and endpoints. Leveraging integration with Extreme Networks NetSight NAC solution, MobileIron benefits from additional on-boarding methods in BYOD environments, enhanced network security by adding MDM data to the network admission rules, fine-grained network policy selection depending on MDM security posture of the devices, and the allowance of additional user notification based on network status.

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Purple WiFi provides cloud-based Social WiFi and Presence Analytics and Location Based Services that offer real time data and reporting using WiFi technology. Delivering venues an unprecedented level of insight into consumer behavior and opportunities to engage customers directly, integration with Extreme Networks Purview Analytics and Optimization engine gives granular network-level insights into individual behaviors and preferences. Purple WiFi also serves demographic and engagement information from users to the venue through its Purple Portal, which allows the business to understand who is visiting and using the hotspot, how long they are online, as well as their age, gender and any other relevant information that they offer in their social networking profile.

AiRISTA develops and delivers Enterprise Asset and Personnel Visibility Solutions primarily to Healthcare, Logistics, Education and Corrections clients. Solutions are built on company’s technology-agnostic platforms incorporating RFID, RTLS, GPS and augmenting technologies, meeting stringent demands for accuracy, reliability, extensibility and features. With robust and comprehensive Track and Trace solutions and equipped with business rule processing capabilities, clients realize a reduction in resources, manpower, cost and errors while benefiting from increased visibility, utilization, productivity, safety and operational efficiencies.

Extreme Networks certified partnership with Ascom facilitates the delivery of seamless, end-to-end on-site wireless telephony and messaging systems for enterprises and service providers. By establishing a set of technology requirements and best practices, conducting interoperability testing and certification, creating complete installation guides and providing an ongoing support system.

CenTrak is a leading provider of precise, versatile, and cost-effective location solutions for healthcare, with deployments at hundreds of world-class healthcare facilities worldwide. CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade RTLS delivers unmatched accuracy, speed, performance and power-efficiency making it a smarter technology investment. CenTrak’s Gen2IR technology delivers certainty-based location data, a requirement for workflow and other healthcare applications.

Ekahau delivers business intelligence through advanced location-tracking, life safety communications and environmental sensor solutions that rely solely on existing Wi-Fi networks. Field teams can leverage the Ekahau Site Survey tool for WiFi planning and site surveys. Ekahau and Extreme have an Interoperable relationship in Mobility and together design WiFi networks more quickly and efficiently, while providing a better quality of experience for Customers.

Laird is focused on enabling wireless communication and smart systems, and providing components and systems that protect electronics. Laird operates through two divisions, Wireless Systems and Performance Materials. Wireless Systems solutions include antenna systems, embedded wireless modules, telematics products and wireless automation and control solutions. Performance Materials solutions include electromagnetic interference shielding, thermal management and signal integrity products.

MARS specializes in outdoor and in-building multi polarized antennas. MARS subscriber & base station antennas are used in LTE, WiMAX, Mobile, MIMO, WLAN and Wi-Fi systems and are designed for fixed and mobile, stand alone or embedded applications. MARS Antennas & RF Systems is an ISO9001, ISO14001 and RoHS certified manufacturing and R&D company with over 25 years experience in design and manufacturing of cost effective, top performance antennas and RF systems.

MTI Wireless Edge is a leader in the development and production of high quality, low cost, antenna solutions for applications such as LTE, Broadband Wireless Access and RFID for both military and commercial applications from 100 KHz to 90 GHz. The MTI flat panel antenna range includes base station, subscriber and Omni Directional antennas for all broad and narrow band applications in both licensed and unlicensed bands. MTI Military products include a wide range of broadband, tactical and specialized communications antennas, antenna systems and DF arrays installed on numerous airborne, ground and naval, including submarine platforms worldwide.

Oberon is a leading designer and producer of in-building wireless voice and data network infrastructure products, and a recognized provider of services for wireless network design. Oberon's wireless Local Area Networking (LAN) products and services have assisted hundreds of computer system integrators, communications network designers/installers, and enterprise end-users deploy cost effective, easy to install, reliable wireless networks.

PCTEL develops network test equipment and provides engineering services for wireless communication networks. Their specialized wireless network test equipment facilitates rapid deployment and optimization of cellular and WiFi technologies. PCTEL RF Solutions' engineering services team designs, tests, and optimizes outdoor, small cell, and in-building networks, including WiFi, GPS, land mobile radio, metro cells, and pico cells. PCTEL antennas and site solutions are used in applications including industrial wireless, fleet management, defense, public safety, mobile data offloading, and broadband access.

With Spectralink wireless telephony, on-site employees that need on-the-go flexibility roam freely throughout the workplace without sacrificing voice and data coverage or clarity. SpectraLink products allow people to easily connect whenever and wherever they are, and integrate with existing systems.

UCOPIA Communications offers security, mobility management and convergence solutions for voice, video and data on wired and wireless networks that allow users to safely connect to the network and to use business applications, Internet and telephony in a simple and safe way.

Voalte develops smartphone alternatives that simplify caregiver communication by enabling care teams inside and outside the hospital to access and exchange information securely. Voalte customers benefit from a solid smartphone infrastructure that supports their existing systems and expands to accommodate future technologies.

Vocera provides mobile communication solutions that address critical productivity and safety challenges facing healthcare, hospitality, retail and other mobile work environments. Vocera develops smarter ways to communicate that improve patient and customer satisfaction, and is exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association. Vocera Voice Communication, Secure Messaging, and Patient Experience solutions are installed in more than a thousand organizations worldwide.

Welch Allyn manufacturers medical diagnostic equipment and healthcare products for physicians, hospitals, and many other practices. Their portfolio of diagnostic devices capture both vital signs and cardiopulmonary information and transmit it to many leading electronic medical record systems directly or through Welch Allyn software. Physicians and hospitals can count on patient-friendly devices to produce accurate clinical information for use with electronic databases.