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FNT Command integration with Extreme Networks OneFabric Connect enables organizations to improve network support, visibility, and control. Extreme Networks NetSight automatically imports infrastructure data from FNT Command about which active switch-port is connected to which passive patch field, as well as its physical location (building, floor, room, number of patch field, and more). NetSight then populates that data for each managed end-system, making it easily accessible and searchable and enabling location-based support for any network-attached device and simplified troubleshooting of network-related issues.

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Integrating Extreme Networks NetSight location information with the Infoblox IF-MAP Server provides an elegant solution combining physical access controls and network authentication. Extreme Networks NetSight management application uses information from Infoblox to enhance network management and reporting by automatically detecting SCCM managed devices, such as physical access control card readers and keypads, and assigning corresponding connectivity and security profiles and enabling administrators to access to Extreme Networks OneView Reporting for detailed network information on all System Center managed devices. This integration improves the security, manageability and performance of networked resources, end systems and applications.

Data Sheet – OneFabric Connect

Real Status Hyperglance is the world’s first IT modeling and visualization solution that provides comprehensive, 3D views of the entire end to end infrastructure, enabling IT managers to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues, fix them more quickly, and prevent them from happening again. Hyperglance connects into OpenStack deployments via the OpenStack API and creates a topology from that data. As more instances, routers or networks are added to the map, the topology dynamically changes, with Hyperglance providing overlay attributes and metrics that highlight the entire OpenStack deployment in a single pane of glass.

OpenDaylight is a community-led industry-supported framework for accelerating adoption, fostering new innovation, reducing risk and creating a more transparent approach to Software-Defined Networking. Extreme Networks is a member of the OpenDaylight Project, a community-led and industry-supported open source platform to advance Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to more quickly bring to the industry an open, common platform for SDN and NFV.