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Extreme Networks integration with VMware vSphere automates the configuration and deployment of VMs across both the hypervisor and physical networks, improves synchronization of virtual and physical networks, and enhances reporting of VM and hypervisor distribution.

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Integration of Extreme Networks NetSight Data Center Manager (DCM) module with Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R provides streamlined workflows for configuring and deploying VM across hypervisor and physical networks, improving synchronization of virtual network and physical network configurations and supporting high VM mobility with individual profiles per end system, as well as reporting on VM and hypervisor distribution.

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Citrix Systems and Extreme Networks provide open and integrated virtualization environments that enable data center managers to optimize and automate the networking function. By utilizing Extreme Networks NetSight Data Center Manager (DCM) module in conjunction with the Citrix XenServer virtualization platform, applications like virtualization mobility are more easily integrated and managed by the network.

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A10 Networks – Extreme Networks integration with A10 optimizes North/South traffic flows in global data center interconnect DCI scenarios through VM and topology awareness, and improves data center security by leveraging distributed threat response to protect against suspicious server threats. A10 resource optimization is further driven through integration with Extreme Networks SDN platform.

Installation Guide: Extreme Networks OneFabric Connect and A10 Networks

Solution Brief: Extreme Networks and A10 Networks Integrated Solution

Extreme Networks interoperability partnership with Apache Hadoop enables customers to harness valuable information and rapidly improve the speed at which data can be analyzed. The combined solution is designed to alleviate bottlenecks in traditional networks and facilitate better and faster decisions for business users.

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Integration of Sanbolic SDx management with Extreme Networks SDN Platform creates a hyper-converged infrastructure that improves availability, load-balancing and end-user experiences for virtual applications, including VDI, across multiple locations and clouds. The joint solution simplifies and centralizes management and hyper-scales IT resources to improve data center economics.

Solution Brief: Geo Cluster with Extreme Networks