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IXIA offers network visibility and security solutions that give enterprises and service providers a single resource to address all of their application and network visibility needs. Integration with Extreme Networks Purview application provides network-powered application analytics and optimization that integrates the context of users, devices, locations and applications to deliver unprecedented insights into systems and users performance.

Solution Brief: IXIA Phantom vTap and Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks integration with the Nexthink End-user IT Analytics platform provides in-depth visibility into all facets of an IT environment, including users, devices, infrastructure elements, applications, and more. Comprehensive analytics from Extreme and Nexthink enables IT to optimize resource allocation and gain deep insights into meaningful usage and performance patterns.

Solution Brief: Extreme Networks Purview Integration with Nexthink End-user IT Analytics

Plixer International Inc.’s NetFlow analysis tool Scrutinizer integrates with Extreme Networks NetSight NAC Solution to support BYOD deployments and enhance visibility and control of connected devices. With pre-admission endpoint security policy checks and post-admission policy enforcement, Extreme Networks NetSight NAC shares users' login credentials with Plixer's Scrutinizer to enable IT administrators to view detailed device information.

Extreme Networks integration with the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform provides network security using flow-based technologies to identify, target and stop internal or external threats, regardless of location or mode of access. Each organizations’ respective strengths in signature-based and behavioral anomaly detection provide enterprises with a detailed network view, identify the origin of attacks, and deliver powerful solutions that isolate and eliminate threats before they disrupt business activities.

Integration of Extreme Networks NetSight with Splunk delivers event notifications to the Splunk data collector, including details about end-systems and also granular statistics focused on NAC services and usage. Additionally, the ExtremeXOS App for Splunk provides intelligence about network switches powered by the ExtremeXOS Network Operating System, enabling administrators to quickly identify opportunities for optimizing network performance by simplifying log analysis and reducing the time to manually parse switch logs for reconstructing network-related events. The resulting analysis can then be exported to share with others such as network architects, technical support professionals, as well as IT managers.

White Paper: Purview Integration with Splunk