April 15, 2013

Affordable Rocket Science at ONS

Extreme Networks has always been focused on building the best Ethernet switches in the world. Over the years requirements for the network have changed and evolved, but we have always believed that aggressively priced, high performance hardware combined with a robust, modular, proven OS that runs on everything from edge to core is a winning combination that not only represents the best engineering available but also provides tremendous value to our customers.

For years we have felt that the network should be more intelligent and the design of our switches and the network OS that runs on them, ExtremeXOS, reflect this approach. We were pioneers in the real world applications of QoS and Identity Management and experience we gained there makes Software Defined Networking (SDN), OpenStack and OpenFlow all natural next steps for us.

With this in mind, we are excited to be at the Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara. ONS, running from 15-17 April, brings together the best and the brightest in the networking industry for forward looking talks and demos and this year is no exception.

We will be there with our SDN partners Big Switch Networks and NEC. With Big Switch Networks we will be showing interoperability with their SDN applications Big Virtual Switch and Big Tap. With NEC we will be showing interoperability with the NEC ProgrammableFlow Controller.


Regardless of how many turtles there are, the last one needs something to stand on.

While some like to say that SDN is bringing the commodification of networks, we need to point out that while some abstraction and virtualization is good, that it isn’t turtles all the way down. At some point, underneath all that fancy software, you are going to need some fancy hardware too and the fancier your software is, the fancier your hardware is going to need to be in order to keep pace. Remember, affordable or not, it’s still rocket science!

This is why we are proud to have the industry’s first Automated Flow Management and hardware-based QoS for SDN flows. Remember the old adage, do in hardware what you can and do in software that which you must, an adage that is alive and well today even in the world of software defined networking. That last turtle needs to stand somewhere, right?

If you are at ONS, come see us at Booth 304. We will also be at NEC in booth 103 and Big Switch Networks in booth 307. The official PR for Extreme Networks at ONS is here.

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