November 14, 2013

OneFabric Connect SDN Wins TMC’s 2013 Excellence in SDN Award

Extreme Networks was proud to see our OneFabric Connect SDN solution was named a 2013 Excellence in SDN Award winner presented by TMC’s INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine and SDN Zone. The Excellence in SDN Award recognizes companies that are leading the way in SDN architecture and applications.

OneFabric Connect SDN consists of OneFabric Control Center Advanced and the OneFabric Connect API, which seamlessly interfaces with Data Center Manager, Mobile IAM, as well as a wide variety of partner and user-defined applications. The result is a solution that is open to integration with any third-party system. In fact, OneFabric Connect SDN boasts the largest number of current and active third-party integrations in the industry.

Some of the main advantages of OneFabric Connect SDN include:

  • Support for a nearly unlimited range of integrated applications, including both predefined and customer-defined applications for the entire network.

  • CaptureCoreFlow2-enabled programmability at scale – our proven, ASIC-based flow switches provide application and flow awareness at any scale. Our distributed intelligence results in faster decisions.

  • awareness at any scale. Our distributed intelligence results in faster decisions.

  • Policy-based control across the entire network – centralized management and control across the entire network fabric for any device, user and application.

  • Additional support for developers using the OneFabric Connect API through OneFabric Connect Central. This free and unique online forum enables developers to download sample code, collaborate with our engineers and partners, access user manuals and documentation and discuss challenges with other experienced customers.

It’s clear that network management is changing and we’re proud to be recognized for the work we’re doing to further SDN technology and ease the burden of network management for organizations across the globe.

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