Occupancy Management

Powering risk reduction via safe social distancing enablement for facilities, HR and legal.

Leverage analytics from your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensors to help manage your facilities with attendance tracking, indoor positioning systems, and real time location monitoring.


Real-Time Monitoring and Occupancy Management

Extreme Networks and ecosystem partners are helping organizations to monitor and protect their environments and the people in them with occupancy management services and solutions including:

  • Real-time location systems and unlimited historical reporting of users and devices in and around facilities
  • Monitoring areas and identifying trends and congregations with attendance tracking and alerting
  • Automated alerts to security, facilities, and reception systems
  • Effortlessly redistribute infrastructure to support dynamic working, learning, and care environments

Powering occupancy management with millions of actionable insights

Powered with persistent and durable data analytics, Extreme helps enable applications identifying facility zones with excessive congregation levels as well as trigger foot-traffic based flags noting that deep-cleaning steps should be taken to aid facility safety. Extreme’s cloud networking APIs also enable the triggers to commence a communications or operational workflow via UCaaS, SaaS, and mass notification messaging platforms.

ExtremeCloud IQ delivers real-time and historical insights to power contact tracing and indoor positioning systems and applications.


Visual tracking of clients across a building or floor. This data can alert administrators to high traffic areas that need deeper cleaning, and less used areas that can be better optimized to assist with social distancing.


Track total visitors per location – even those that don’t connect to your network using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) presence analytics. Track total visitors over time to benchmark and monitor capacity limits.


Live heat maps enable organizations and IT to see exactly where people and devices are located in real time. Cloud networking provides data visualization access regardless of whether IT is on site or remote.

USER 360

Real time and unlimited historical reporting of user, device, and network usage enables organizations to see what is happening in and around their facilities and quickly track down or isolate people or buildings if needed.

LIVE WEBINAR – August 25th, 2020 | 2PM ET
IoT & Network Infrastructure Workshop: In a World of Robotics, AI & ML

Networked sensors, robots, drones and other IoT devices are playing a critical role in the response to COVID-19. We’re now seeing the deployment of sensors for temperature and audio monitoring, robots facilitating routine tasks, such as cleaning, and the roll-out of new surveillance systems to monitor property and critical assets. With this brings a new influx of IoT devices which will need to connect to the network. Specifically, we will cover:

  • IoT device fingerprinting and how to eliminate “shadow IoT” devices on your network.
  • Secure on-boarding of IoT devices, with simple yet secure methods of IoT authentication.
  • Industry best practices to protect IoT devices from the threat of a breach, and the impact of malware/ransomware and viruses.
  • How AI/ML can provide critical insights on IoT devices enabling better tracking, protection and on-going management.

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