Contact Tracing

Enabling the apps and services required for government and organization compliance

Protect your people and places through network-driven analytics and applications.

Contactless, Unobtrusive Contact Tracing

With cloud-driven network analytics, Extreme Networks and ecosystem partners enable the unobtrusive identification and tracing of those who have encountered a COVID-19 carrier.

Extreme Networks can help track devices throughout facilities and through the network, helping detail scope of exposure. Extreme’s data insights also enhance the efficacy of opt-in contact-tracing apps such as those announced by Apple and Google, by providing more concise tracking data.

Data-driven insights and actions for your systems and applications

Extreme’s cloud networking platform collects and correlates Petabytes of data every single day, which can be used to fuel 3rd party actionable services and applications including:

  • Automatically build table of potential individuals who had contact with identified individual and alert them via email, SMS, app, etc.
  • Allow users confirmed COVID positive to ‘OPT IN’ to system to alert corporate HR.
  • Automatically direct cleaning staff to primary locations, high capacity visited areas, and potentially footfall paths.
  • Where retail shopper app has been used, identify an infected person, link to most recent visit/and purchases, alert and staff to immediately clean those specific areas.
  • Real time location systems can leverage valuable Wi-Fi analytics and BLE sensor information for track and trace.

ExtremeCloud IQ delivers real-time and historical insights to power contact tracing and indoor positioning systems and applications.


Visual tracking of clients across a building or floor. This data can alert administrators to high traffic areas that need deeper cleaning, and less used areas that can be better optimized to assist with social distancing.


Track total visitors per location – even those that don’t connect to your network using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) presence analytics. Track total visitors over time to benchmark and monitor capacity limits.


Live heat maps enable organizations and IT to see exactly where people and devices are located in real time. Cloud networking provides data visualization access regardless of whether IT is on site or remote.

USER 360

Real time and unlimited historical reporting of user, device, and network usage enables organizations to see what is happening in and around their facilities and quickly track down or isolate people or buildings if needed.

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LIVE WEBINAR – JULY 23rd, 2020 | 2PM ET
Establishing a New Normal in Retail: Critical Insights for IT Leaders

Recent events have dramatically impacted the retail industry, in both how shoppers purchase goods and how business conduct day-to-day operations. To ensure relevancy and profitability in retail’s ‘new normal,’ brands must seamlessly adapt to the new set of challenges and goals. Join Extreme Networks and IDC for an industry panel, Establishing a New Normal in Retail: Critical Insights for IT Leaders, where we will explore and share:

  • Immediate industry impact and future outlook
  • New and elevated demands driving retail strategy and spend
  • Digital goals, competencies, and use cases retailers should prioritize
  • IT’s critical role in supporting future business success

Featuring exclusive analyst research and survey findings on IT spending trends from IDC, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity to learn about the current state of retail, and how you should prepare for the industry’s ‘new normal’ moving forward.

How Extreme Networks is Helping Schools and Returning Students

As educators face challenges establishing their new normal, Extreme Networks and ecosystem partners are helping to
deliver the analytics and insights needed to provide a safe learning environment for all.

Establishing a New Network Ecosystem for the #NewNormal.

Extreme is partnering with leading technology providers to help navigate organizational and IT challenges and transformation