February 15, 2011

Networks on the Go

While sitting in the terminal before my flight on Friday, I took a couple of minutes to download a presentation on my iPad to read on my trip. I see it every day.  Whether it’s the person viewing a video on his iPhone or someone in the grocery store using a more specialized wireless device to take real time inventory on the shelf, to a doctor quickly checking a patient’s record as she drinks coffee on a Saturday morning. People want their Mobile content from the network. They want it wherever they are and they want it now. The expectation for high quality network mobility has arrived.

I recently read that Ericsson predicted a billion mobile broadband devices by the end of 2011. A billion connections. That is happening. But high quality mobility only happens when the experience equals the expectation. I call this the Quality User Experience, QUE, and it impacts how I have been thinking about connecting people and machines to networks. Take your QUE from Extreme Networks that Mobility’s definition is expanding. Whether it is having calls that don’t drop, a Google search that can be done in seconds, or controlling a machine or meter on the power grid remotely over both wired and wireless. When everything works with the network, regardless of time or place, this is when QUE has arrived.

However, if there will be billions of mobile broadband connections, quality could be in short supply. So the bar has to raise for network mobility. This hinges on the capability of the network to deliver diverse types of content, for diverse sets of users, across mobile networks. I think that prioritization and control will be two of the critical requirements. I’ll talk more about that soon.

For now, I am grateful to be living in the Mobile age.  Tell me about your own mobile experience (on land or air!)


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