October 03, 2012

The Network Liberation Tour: Go Big or Stay Home

THIS is Extreme!

At Extreme Networks we take pride in pushing the envelope. Last fall we took the high ground with the introduction of the record breaking BlackDiamond X8, a switch which according to the Lippis Report, “breaks all of our previous records in core switch testing from performance, latency, power consumption, port density and packaging design.” Then when Intel changed the game with 10 GbE copper LAN On Motherboard (LOM) server NICs we were there with 10 GbE copper blades for the X8 as well as our Top of Rack Summit X670. When the folks at London LINX needed some bigger pipes to ramp up for the 2012 London Olympics, we were there again in a big way with the biggest BlackDiamond.

We are passionate about building the best Ethernet switches in the world, but even our marketing guys aren’t going to sit back and let the hardware and software guys have all the fun.

Extreme Networks at Interop 2012

Extreme Networks at Interop 2012

For a couple years now we have been building some pretty amazing booths at shows like Interop. We are fortunate to have a crack team who help create unique and compelling experiences in an industry where it is all too easy to fall back on a dusty, dry recital of speeds and feeds. How often do you see networking show booths that are more like a hip club than a bunch of bored looking guys in ill-fitting polo shirts standing around on some padded carpet.

Extremists Plotting Network Liberation

As much fun as shows like Interop are, they are often far away and/or at inconvenient times. That is where the Network Liberation Tour comes in. Since we had already turned a network tradeshow booth into a nightclub, the next logical step was to put it all in the back of a semi truck and take the whole thing on the road.

53 feet, 18 wheels, 10 screens, a classroom, a high performance data center with redundant 4G uplink, a BlackDiamond X8 and other products….and a sports bar, all-told about 1200 square feet of technophile paradise. It’s like a mobile EBC on wheels, but with an Extreme twist. And yes, we realize it isn’t very purple on the outside, but that’s OK because it is certainly purple on the inside.

If you are into networks, technology and other cool things we invite you to come by and visit us at the truck in person!

Network Liberation: The Briefing

Liberator Commander Darius Goodall explains the plan of attack, with Network Liberation Forces striking first in Florida and moving up the Eastern Seaboard before turning inland.



The Extreme Networks Liberator

53 Feet, 500 HP and a Sports Bar

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