January 21, 2013

Network Liberation Returns to Florida

I like working at Extreme Networks because things are different here. I have worked at other network companies, including the biggest, and they were nice but things here are faster, more intense. More extreme. When I think back to when we were debating what the next big thing for us would be, I remember a whole bunch of ideas being on the table, including vinyl wrap on little cars. The first 30 seconds of this video help capture how that conversation went:

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Now it’s a new year. We were on the vanguard of SDN and OpenFlow last year and we remain there this year, with our partnership with Big Switch Networks providing proof for our belief that not only is SDN real, but the apps are real too. In fact, you can read about a two of them, Big Virtual Switch and Big Tap, here in this solution brief.

For 2013 the Network Liberation Tour, a whirlwind tour of the US on The Liberator, our 53 foot, 500 horsepower mobile executive briefing center featuring the Big Rack of Big Data and a sports bar, comes back to where it all started back in October.

Working with our partner, PC Solutions, we will be in Florida with truck stops on 23 January in Ft Meyers and 30-31 January in Panama City.

We have talked about Hadoop demos and technology partners on truck like Nimbus Data, QLogic, IXIA, Big Switch Networks, Citrix and VMware, but we have added some cool new demos and technology as well. It should be quite the rocking experience!

Learn more about the network liberation tour here.

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