December 07, 2012

Network Liberation Comes to LA

Network Liberation, the idea that customers shouldn’t be hostage to closed, proprietary systems and vendor lock-in, is a key concept for us here at Extreme Networks. Part of this concept is that networks are converging and they are converging on Ethernet, and idea gaining support worldwide. Recently Extreme Networks CEO Oscar Rodriquez was in Brazil at Futurecom, a show that was at least the equal to Interop in terms of scale and energy, where he keynoted about the power of Ethernet convergence..

With Ethernet already shown to be at least the equal of Fiber Channel in the data center, why would anyone want to incur the expense and operational complexity of deploying two different networks when they could deploy a single, more cost effective Ethernet network? The same convergence can be seen outside the data center as well, with networks such as physical security moving from analog systems to Ethernet. Even in pro-audio, we are seeing demand for Ethernet and AVB, an open standard allowing professional AV teams to replace a huge rat’s nest of cables with a far simpler Ethernet cabling plant while maintaining extremely tight synchronization.

The next stop of our mobile showcase and EBC, the Liberator, is in Los Angeles December 10. We will be working with partner IMT to show the latest in AVB, physical security, Big Data and Cloud. With technology partners like Nimbus, Big Switch, SwiftTest, Citrix, VMware and QLogic in the Big Rack on the Big Truck not to mention the sports bar in back, it will be a good time for everyone from hands-on rack and stack folks to non-technical managers and everything in between. Reserve your spot today.

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