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Network Analytics

Actionable insights across the network and applications from the campus to the data center

Data from the network and applications help you make business decisions

  • What applications are running on your network and who is using them? Make sound business decisions and keep your networks safe.
  • Consumers want personalized shopping experiences and analytics offer you the insights you need to fine-tune your network for a great retail experience.
  • Provide service and application assurance, improve operational efficiencies, enable new monetization opportunities with embedded network visibility for pervasive real-time monitoring and automated actions for the modern data center.

See What our Analytics Showed about the Fan Engagement at Superbowl 50

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Improving the In-Store Shopper Experience

Automating Your Data Center

CenturyLink Field Invests in High-Density Wi-Fi to Provide World Class Connectivity to Seahawks Fans

Bank Segregates Storage for Newfound Flexibility

Connecting a School Whose Network Never Stands Still

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