September 01, 2011

Meet the Next Generation of IT Management

I think we can all agree that no matter where you turn, the name of the game is doing more with less. This is certainly the case with higher learning institutions, where the IT staff is constantly challenged to provide always-available and secure connectivity services that enhance the curriculum and support leading-edge applications while remaining easy to manage and cost-effective.

I think we can also all agree that whether we like it or not, social networking and mobile have rapidly become part of our daily lives. The IT managers of this generation are no exception to this reality.

Imagine if this new social media savvy IT workforce was able to address the challenges of the higher learning institutions that they support – enabling them to do more with less – while using the mediums – social media and mobile – that they are most comfortable with? I think we can all agree, once more, that we’d be onto something big.

Good news – there is no longer a need to imagine. Enterasys has made it possible for your network management tools to work with your favorite social technologies like Chatter, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Now, the IT staff has an easy way to monitor and manage their network in real-time though the social tools and from the devices that they are already using every day. It’s the next generation of IT management designed for the new generation of IT managers.

isaac, the industry’s first social media interface, lets you “friend” the network, providing a secure way for IT machines to communicate out their status via natural language and receive commands back from an IT administrator – anytime, anywhere. This allows IT to provide faster, predictive problem resolution, resulting in a more cost-effective and higher quality of service.

Learn more about how isaac can enable your IT staff to do more with less, while playing on their turf. Visit us at Educause, booth # 637, and see how you can Humanize the Enterprise™ with isaac.

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