March 02, 2011

Make Your Network Mobile

Mobility has a new definition.  Unlike just two years ago, Mobility is no longer about wireless — it’s about people moving around. Un-tethered does not mean mobile, but connecting and being productive from anywhere –  that is tomorrow’s mobile network!

This week Extreme Networks launched our new vision for mobile networks: “Make Your Network Mobile”

For enterprises: from the edge of the campus network (wired and wireless), all the way to the data center and cloud.

For backhaul networks of mobile operators: ones that connect tens of millions of smartphones with 3G/4G networks.

Our vision responds to the really big challenges that our customers face daily. They have to run a network that addresses people, devices, machines – and even virtual machines (VMs), in motion from server to server and data center to data center.

So again, mobility is not just wireless, it is about all the network services, communications and transactions that are happening around us, keeping us excited about what personalized content we’ll be able to get next on our screens.

It’s about getting a personalized experience from the network – one that gives users (people or machines) the Quality of User Experience (QUE) they expect.

Our mission is to maximize this QUE for all users.  So ask yourself – does your network work at Max QUE@f0

We will continue to live the story here on the Extreme Talk Blog about where we are going to take the network for the next few years, how it will become personalized, and shape itself to individual needs.

We will talk about how your can drive Max QUE and drive productivity. We will demonstrate vividly how our software, ExtremeXOS®, will bring many essential technologies that make the vision real, wherever the network reaches. Today, that begins with automation and awareness.

I look forward to working with our customers and our channel partners to make your network mobile.


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