April 29, 2013

Extreme Performance Rocks Active-Active Cloud Test

At Extreme Networks we are proud of building the best Ethernet switches in the world. When we first took the BlackDiamond X8 into the lab, Nick Lippis validated our feelings:

“The BlackDiamond X8 shattered all performance records with superior bandwidth, lossless performance and extremely low latency, making it the best-in-class choice for high-performance networks,” said Nick Lippis, principal analyst for The Lippis Report. “I commend Extreme Networks for designing such a remarkable product.” Read more here.

That was then.

Now we’re back, this time in “Lippis Open Industry Active-Active Cloud Network Fabric Test for Two-Tier Ethernet Network Architecture”  with the Top of Row Summit X670 and the BlackDiamond X8.

We rocked. Some highlights include:

  • Best Overall Latency
  • 2.23 microsecond server to server connections (ToR-Core-ToR)
  • Only demonstrated core failover – minimal traffic loss

Here are some of the things Nick Lippis had to say in the report:

“The Extreme X670V performed flawlessly over the six Lippis Cloud Performance iterations. Not a single packet was dropped as the mix of east-west and north-south traffic increased in load from 50% to 100% of link capacity.”

“Extreme’s MLAG implementation performed flawlessly, proving that a two-tier data center network architecture built with its Summit® X670V ToR and BlackDiamond® X8 Core switches will scale with performance.”

“Extreme Networks went above and beyond what was required in the Lippis/Ixia Active-Active Fabric Test to demonstrate and test the reliability of a data center Fabric built with its Summit® X670V and BlackDiamond® X8.”

We invite you to read the report and check out the video below featuring Nick Lippis and our own Renuke Mendis. We also invite you to read the press release. We have also gathered everything together on a single landing page, here.

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