KCS Evolve Loop Project


The Evolve Loop is part of the Knowledge Centered Support initiative within the global GTAC organization. It aims to:

  • Continually improve processes for the Solve Loop, knowledge base article creation and reuse, and customer self-service activity.
  • Identify improvement opportunities based on article data and self-service information from outside GTAC.
  • Identify root causes to make improvements to the products,┬ádocumentation, business processes, and policies.

GTAC has partnered with Information Development (InfoDev) to begin the process of improvement opportunities within GTAC articles and official product documentation.

This web page serves to track the progress of these projects, collectively known as the “Evolution List.”



Evolution List

Project NameProject Status Target Completion DateGTAC RepresentativeInfoDev RepresentativeSE RepresentativeEngineering Representative
Wireless VideoIn progressDecember 2016Laura Nassim-Sobhan
EXOS Troubleshooting Guide - (specific topic)Lisa Pettyjohn

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