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Online Assessments are Coming

Extreme Networks can help your district get ready.

Preparing your district technology for online assessments?

School districts are planning to implement state online assessments.


How are you getting ready?


Online assessments may require changes to your district’s infrastructure. This webinar provides best practices from your peers to help you guide your preparation.

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Is Your District Ready for PARCC and SBAC Online Testing?

Extreme Networks offers free services to help you prepare

Infographic: Is Your District Ready for Online Assessments?

Districts will be conducting online student tests during the year to assess if their students are on track.


These online assessments will require a robust infrastructure to handle up to thousands of student devices simultaneously accessing remote testing servers.


Are you ready?

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Infographic: State Online Assessment Readiness Survey

Extreme Networks conducted this survey to understand how school districts are preparing for state online assessment standards.

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