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FCC E-Rate Program Guide


On the heels of the most significant regulatory changes to the E-rate program since its inception, schools and libraries have one of the greatest opportunities in history to leverage E- rate funds to implement high-speed broadband and data networks. Download our E-rate guide with information you need to successfully apply for and obtain E-rate funding for your infrastructure.

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Did you know E-rate funding is still available for your school district?

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It’s Not Too Late To Take Advantage Of School Network Funding: E-Rate Can Help Your District

By taking advantage of the E-rate program, schools have been able to upgrade existing broadband at little or no extra cost.

What Is The Best Positive Reinforcement For Young Students?

The Internet of Things in K-12 Education, Guaranteed Applause Lines, and Other Learnings

Great News For K-12 School Districts: FCC Raises E-Rate Cap

To bridge the digital divide, the FCC stepped up its effort to ensure schools can afford the infrastructure necessary for high speed Internet access.

Bridging the Homework Gap

The E-rate 2.0 modernization order is making funds available for Wi-Fi access within schools.

Technology to Transform Today’s Learners into Tomorrow’s Leaders

The E-rate program continues to be top of mind for technology providers and, more importantly, educators across the nation.

E-Rate Filing Window Rapidly Closing for K-12 Network Infrastructure

In an effort to close the Wi-Fi gap in K-12 schools across the US, the FCC has extended and improved the E-rate program.

New E-Rate Program Provides Network Funding for US Schools and Libraries

All districts will be eligible for funding via the E-rate program with the intent to expand Wi-Fi to more than 10 million students in 2015 alone.

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