October 05, 2011

Is Customer Service a Department or a Way of Doing Business for your Organization?

As I referenced in my previous blog posting and in support of customer service week (October 3-7th) I would like to present the case for when it makes sense to not limit your support activities within your “Customer Service Department” but instead ensure everyone is focused on delivering a high degree of customer attention.

Certainly every organization needs to have an assigned group of resources goaled with supporting their customers however my point is why does it have to stop within the customer service department? Our mantra here at Enterasys is “There is nothing is more important that our customers” and this drives everything that we do whether it’s product design and functionality or supporting our customer’s environment. This ethos means that we do not rely solely on a dedicated support team or department since everyone here is focused on our customers.

Customers typically interact with more than one resource, team and group within an organization so it makes sense to ensure that every touch point is a positive experience. It is vitally important to personalize the relationship with customers and to also follow through on commitments. Successful delivery on these two points can then lead to a mutually beneficial relationship for both the organization and their customers since the customer can trust that they will support them when needed.

I think one of the best ways to gauge and better understand how a company provides support to the customers would be to ask current customers for their opinion since they are your best way to “try before you buy” a vendor’s service. The next best option would be read customers’ testimonials about the support they have received. If you visit our support site, you can read several testimonials from our customers relating to their Enterasys support experience. We also have a video outlining our 5 Service Critical Success Factors we employ in supporting our customers to ensure that every experience is a positive one.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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