May 07, 2013

Interop 2013 – The Year of Cloud, BYOD, Big Data, Mobility, and Social Media

Well it’s upon us, Interop 2013 has finally arrived! That sound you hear is the collective exhale of marketing departments across the country finally catching their breath after weeks of hyperdrive promoting. But if you’re attending Interop, the fun is just beginning. Chances are if you are attending Interop as an attendee, you’re interested in at least one of the current mega trends of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), cloud, social media and big data. And why wouldn’t you be? The current statistics around these booming trends are staggering.

BYOD has seen unprecedented growth. Industry analysts like Gartner even consider BYOD as “the most radical shift in enterprise client computing since the introduction of the PC.” Gartner even predicts that in just three short years, there will be more than 900 million tablets being used by consumers.  On top of that incredible number, it’s predicted that over 1.6 billion BYODs will be used in the workplace just next year. These stats mean the emphasis on security and management will be more important than ever to IT departments and CIOs. Enterasys also believes that BYOD is here for the long run and will only continue to explode.

Cloud computing is on the same path as BYOD. The cloud industry is expected to top $150 billion dollars in 2014 with over 70% of businesses investing in or already using cloud computing solutions.  Cloud computing is a new trend and you might be asking yourself, “Why are companies really gravitating toward the cloud?” Well the answer might lie with the CIO. It has been reported that 84% of CIO’s cut application costs by moving to the cloud. With results like this, it’s hard not to justify the move.

Social Media has been around for roughly a decade and it is still exploding at exponential speeds. In 2012, 85% of all businesses that have a dedicated social media platform as part of their marketing strategy reported an increase in their market exposure. On top of that, over 1 million websites have integrated with Facebook in some way shape or form.  In 2012 alone, 175 million tweets were sent every day. Social Media has become the fastest way to interact with a brand or your consumers. It’s extremely important that companies maximize social media to help connect with leads and increase sales opportunities.

With all this data being created, the trend and interest of big data has exploded as well. Consider this astounding stat: 90% of the world’s total data has been created just within the past two years. That means the world is creating data at rates previously unseen or even imagined. This can pose big problems for companies who don’t know how to handle the influx of all this data. On top of companies not being able to handle all this data, it’s reported that there will be a 190,000 person shortage of people with deep analytical skills in big data decision making by 2018. With this huge shortage being reported, wouldn’t it be wise to get some insight and understanding into the world of big data?

The current problems presented by big data along with the booming trends of cloud computing, BYOD and social media have made Interop a must attend event in 2013. But with hundreds of companies at Interop, how do you decide which booth to attend? Well look no further than booth 1026 where you’ll find the Enterasys team. For the first time ever, we will be hosting a CIO Innovation speaking series with CIOs from Higher Education, Healthcare and State governments all discussing the trends mentioned above. They’ve helped change campus culture, they’ve installed a complete wireless network in a 100+ year old building, they’ve even began to change the job definition of the modern day CIO.

Register here for the CIO innovation speaking series or for great demos on how Enterasys solutions integrate with our partner’s solutions. You can also follow the conversations on Twitter by following the handle @Enterasys or the hash tag #CIS13. We hope to see you there!

About The Contributor:
Cameron MarchandSales Development Representative

Cameron Marchand is a Sales Development Representative and had been with Extreme Networks for more than two years. He primarily covers Hospitals and Healthcare organizations located in the Northeast United States.

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