May 15, 2012

Interop 2012 Wrapup – SDN, Hadoop, Big Data and the All Ethernet Data Center

Extreme Networks booth at Interop 2012 Las Vegas

Extreme Networks booth at Interop 2012 Las Vegas

Wow, what a great time we had at Interop. With both energy and attendance up, it looks like Interop is back. Of course, doing a show with a “normal” booth wouldn’t be very Extreme, so we turned the booth inside out and but all the interesting stuff like the BlackDiamond X8, a live Hadoop cluster, Ethernet FC/FCoE interoperability and even some good cloud security on display on the inside. Everything was live, everything was working. No fake blinky lights. Of course, after a week in Vegas it is always nice to head back home. One of the fun things about shows like this is that the 6pm Southwest flight out of Las Vegas bound for San Jose after the show is always like a network industry reunion. I ran into old colleagues other companies as well as some of my fellow Extremists.

Extreme Networks/QLogic Collapsed Storage Data Center

Extreme Networks and QLogic FC/FCoE Architecture

One of the key messages Extreme Networks was talking about at Interop was the coming of the All Ethernet Data Center. In the past, storage may have been dependent upon things like Fibre Channel. Now, customers are looking to do more with less. Backing this up is our new partnership with Qlogicto deliver a reference architecture allowing Ethernet to play nicely with both Fibre Channel (FC) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) networks.

Fortinet FortiGate 5140B

The Fortinet FortiGate 5140B

Of course The Cloud, private and public, is playing a larger role in many organizations’ IT strategies, which is good but also presents challenges. One of the challenges presented by private, public and hybrid cloud deployments is security. To help tackle the large security challenges these deployments create, Extreme Networks has partnered with Fortinet. Fortinet’s FortiGate Unified Threat Management security appliances bring big performance and scalability to big data, with the FortiGate 5140B being able to handle 559 Gbps of throughput and up to 132 million concurrent sessions. To put this in perspective, the FortiGate 5140B can inspect 36 million MP3 songs per hour or nearly a billion web pages.

10G Copper - Top of Rack or End of Row?

10G Copper - Top of Rack or End of Row?

We also snuck in a product announcement, or in this case, two. When architecting data centers, there is a bit of a debate around whether you should build with Top of Rack switches or End of Row switches. The coming of Intel 10GbE copper LAN on Motherboard (LOM) solutions has provided many with an opportunity to revisit this conundrum. Both approaches are valid and either one can work well. Fortunately, Extreme Networks will support both, with a copper version of the Summit 670 Top of Rack switch and a 48 port 10 GbE copper blade for the cloud scale BlackDiamond X8.

Renuke the Merciful speaking with a booth visitor

Renuke speaks with a visitor, note the Microsoft Surface coffee table

Visitors were usually impressed by a wall display we had of some of our wireless products, but one of the comments we often heard was “I didn’t know you did wireless.” We do indeed do wireless and it is part of our larger enterprise and intelligent mobile edge solution. With the rise of BYOD and the challenges with delivering a good user experience with budget friendly performance, it is important to think of wireless not as an add-on but rather as an integrated part of the core networks. Of course, when you have unified policy and identity management it makes things easier.

So for those interested in drilling down further on some of these topics, here are some resources:


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Thanks for reading and hope to see you at Interop next year!

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