Internet of Things (IoT)

Extreme offers IoT solutions that can help secure, manage and provide actionable insights for the broad range of “things” connecting to the network

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The Benefits of Connecting People, Processes, Data, and Things with Integrated Network Technology Solutions


Given that the information network is today the circulatory system of any organization anywhere, regardless of size, geography, and mission, and given that organizations continue to do whatever is necessary to assure that their networks are available, reliable, cost-effective, and otherwise suited to their mission-critical role, it’s essential to ask what additional elements of organizational operations might benefit from a network-centric strategy.

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ExtremeSurge: The IoT Solution that Secures, Automates, and Learns

  • Secures – Reduce the attack surface by placing your IoT traffic / devices into isolated zones. Any breaches into security zones are contained and impede lateral movement. Viral infections are filtered out to and from the device.
  • Automates – With centralized management of your IoT devices, you’ll be able to deploy IoT devices faster and more securely than ever. You’ll reduce errors, improve IT productivity, and free up your staff to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Learns – Stay one step ahead of the hackers by continually using data to improve your security posture. Monitor asset usage, location, and performance, so you can make decisions that optimize capital investments.

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Our Solution Brief goes deeper into how we secure, automate, and manage IoT devices


Securing the Internet of Things: Saving with Surge

This Nemertes Research Report looks at the benefits achieved by real-world companies using Avaya Surge—including completely eliminating their costs for securing and moving IoT devices


Extreme Surge IoT Solution White Paper

Extreme Networks Surge is a fit-for-purpose solution to help secure, automate, and track IoT devices in any organization on any network.


Internet of Things Network Campus Solution

Colleges and universities are poised to take advantage of the benefits of the Internet of Things

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Internet of Things for Smart Government

The Internet of Things (IoT) is ushering in an era of smart cities and smart government.

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IoT and Medical Device Safety for Healthcare

As more Wi-Fi enabled medical devices are added, the strategy that organizations used during initial rollouts five years ago is no longer adequate.

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Extreme Networks IoT Blog Corner

Internet of Things is Soaring Into Classrooms The Internet of Things Is Soaring [Survey and Infographic] Preventing Security Breaches With The Internet of Things Smart City Survey Results: Trends and Success Factors [Survey and Infographic]

The Internet of Things Smart School Infographic

How familiar are you with the concept of a Smart Internet of Things school?

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Extreme Networks Survey Reveals Top Uses for IoT

Smart Buildings, Video Surveillance and Security

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Caxias do Sul – A Smart City Ready for the Future

More connectivity for delivering better services to the population

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Enabling IoT with ExtremeWireless

ExtremeWireless AP3912 and AP3916 Announcement

We're proud to announce ExtremeWireless version 10.21, which brings enhanced security, control, over all devices connected within your network. We're helping you transition to a Smart Building. With this announcement, we're also launching a brand new set of access points. The AP3912i and AP3916i, both Internet of Things (IoT) ready with integrated BTLE/802.15.4 radio.

AP3912 Wallplate Access Point

AP3916 Camera Access Point

Internet of Things Webinars

Smart Buildings: Opportunities, Requirements, and Benefits

How To Optimize Your Network Experience Amidst New Devices and the Internet Of Things

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