Internet Exchange, Cloud Exchange and Colocation Provider Innovation

Agile, Efficient, Scalable Interconnection Enabling Multi-Cloud

Market Spheres and Network Needs

As organizations digitize and move to multi-cloud strategies and the next wave of Internet users comes online, the volume, variety and velocity of data increases by multiple orders of magnitude and providers seek more agile and more efficient network infrastructure that enables them to deliver increased scale and innovative and diverse services while reducing complexity and cost.


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Intelligent Automation Enables Digital Transformation

Multi-cloud strategies help enable digital transformation for B2B organizations, with high quality interconnection options making it all work. Gone are the days when port/pipe, power and ping were sufficient. The new need is for an increasingly diverse service catalogue with innovative, highly scalable and efficient services powered by an interconnect fabric enabled via cross domain full network life cycle automation, adaptable platforms and pervasive visibility into state, stats, flows and network traffic.

Automate the Smart Way

As an Internet Exchange, Cloud Exchange or Colocation provider, automation is key to becoming more agile and efficient — which in turn drives greater competitiveness and success with cloud, content, mobile and enterprise customers.

Adaptive Platform Flexibility

Deliver cost-effective density, scale and performance with flexible platform designs for data center core, spine, leaf, and Internet borders without forklift upgrade.

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Cross Domain Automation

Improve business agility and accelerate innovation with cross-domain automation provided by the Workflow Composer automation platform and Automation Suites for full network lifecycle — provisioning, validation, troubleshooting, and remediation.

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Pervasive Network Visibility

Ensure efficient operations with pervasive traffic visibility for real-time network monitoring, analytics, and troubleshooting.

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