January 17, 2013

Infoway Procempa – Powered by Extreme Networks

Porto Alegre at Night

Porto Alegre at Night

Founded in 1772, Porto Alegre is the core of the 4th largest metro area in Brazil with 4.4 million people, similar in size to Boston/Cambridge/Quincy in the US. Like the rest of Brazil, Porto Alegre is a dynamic, energetic city with boundless energy and enthusiasm for the future. It will also be one of the host cities for the FIFA World Cup in 2014 when the World Cup comes to Brazil.

Against this background, Procempa, a leading information and communications company that evolved out of the data processing organ of the municipal government, worked with Extreme Networks partner Damovo, to build the Infoway Procempa. Featuring 500 miles of fiber and built on 8000-Series and Summit Switches, the converged network of the Infoway Procempa connects hundreds of municipal buildings, 100 schools and over 1000 IP cameras. With such a central role in civic life, the network is in a prime position to help drive positive change for the entire community.

Like much of the rest of Brazil, Procempa and Damovo are looking to the future, with a 10 Gigabit core, cloud services, virtualization and rich applications on the horizon.

For more, please see our press release on Infoway Procempa.

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