June 03, 2014

#HubChat is Back!

From being called “IEEE 802.11B Direct Sequence” to “Wi-Fi”, could you imagine having to put that into a hashtag! You can thank Interbrand and their founding member Phil Belanger who presided over the selection of the name “Wi-Fi” and made things a whole lot easier for the rest of us!

“Wi-Fi: Revolution or Evolution”.

This Wednesday June 4th at 3 PM EST, we are resurrecting #HubChat, and starting it up with a chat about everyone’s best friend–Wi-Fi.  In the #HubChat we will be covering the state of Wi-Fi and talking about its future outlook. We want to know what you think–is it a revolution or an evolution?

Joining us this week will be Mike Leibovitz who has over 14 years of Sales Engineering, Product Management and Marketing expertise in the Communications Industry. Since 2008 Mike has been instrumental in bringing high density Wi-Fi solutions to stadiums, healthcare, education and commercial markets for Extreme Networks. Mike’s current role, Director of Mobility and Applications at Extreme is focused on evangelizing mobile and software solutions that drive positive and consistent user experiences.

If you would like to read more about his views on mobility, visit his blog http://www.ontheflywifi.net/. Mike will be providing some key views, insights and thoughts regarding the current trends in Wi-Fi and what the future has in store.

Wednesday June 4th at 3 PM EST! Mark it in your calendars and don’t forget to tune in to #HubChat. We look forward to some great conversations!

If you have any ideas or suggestions about future #HubChats let us know in the comments below!

About The Contributor:
Uzair DanishSocial Media Marketing Coordinator

Uzair Danish is the Social Media Marketing Coordinator for Extreme Networks. He works across all of Extreme's social media platforms driving content, and engaging the community

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