Define the Future with On-Demand Network Acquisition

Today’s IT managers are expected to deploy network solutions that provide full functionality and security into the next decade, yet traditional purchase models lack the flexibility to adapt on demand. In the midst of digitalization, most organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to forecast future requirements for items such as demand, compliance requirements, data center growth and/or consolidation, big data, BYOD initiatives, security and remote access.

To propel your digital transformation and remain competitive, you need a way to invest in critical IT infrastructure that offers end-to-end flexibility while protecting valuable capital. Extreme Network Subscription enables organizations to address their ever-changing needs with an easy-to-use opex as-a-service acquisition model.

Extreme Network Subscription gives you the ability to tightly align your network infrastructure capacity with your changing business needs.

What Extreme Network Subscription Delivers

  • Consumption-based costs
  • Unlimited upgradability
  • On-demand scalability
  • Evolving useful life
  • Opex agility

The Extreme Partnership You Can Count On

Organizations now have a network acquisition model that provides the same level of flexibility and agility as a cloud-based network. You can define the network you require today and seamlessly adjust to the shifts, at no cost, with no penalty, on your terms. With Extreme Network Subscription, businesses can fund a significant percentage of their new Extreme network by simply transferring what they spend on monthly support services for legacy equipment.
It’s time to acquire a network with the technological and financial agility you need to redefine your future on demand.