July 01, 2013

Hotter than SDN in the Data Center – Converged Infrastructure

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is truly creating a revolution in the Data Center networking space.  Market forecasts have grown to approximately $35B by 2018 according to SDNcentral and Lightspeed Ventures (please see SDNcentral for further info).

There is another tremendous revolution occurring and that’s around Converged Infrastructure.  Of the publically available resources, Wikibon provides  a forecast that highlights the opportunity growth and size by 2017.


Converged Infrastructure TAM

Note that the TAM for converged infrastructure reference architecture HW is projected to be as high as $74B by 2017.

Notice that the largest Converged Infrastructure opportunity is $74B by 2017 for Reference Architectures.

Fundamentally, there are three choices when building your datacenter.

  • Legacy – doing things as done before – architecture and purchasing decisions by Storage, Compute and Network teams are done in silos, independent of one another.
  • Reference and Solution Architecture – Storage, Compute and Network technologies are designed together and tested/validated as a single system, and associated documentation is provided as proof points.
  • Single SKU – Storage, Compute and Network are built together as a single system from the manufacturer.

Each of these options has pros and cons, I won’t try to create any FUD here.  In my opinion, the most highest performance and most flexible option is the Reference Architecture because you can pick and choose best-in-breed technologies while at the same time have Solution Assurance, the peace of mind that you will get rock-solid high performance without busting your OPEX in managing your day-to-day operations.

Another advantage of the Reference Architecture and Solution is that this allows for a defined blueprint while allowing Channel Partners, who have the high-touch relationship with the customer, to customize towards the end-user specifications, increasing the quality of the solution and having a more significant impact to the end users business.

The Extreme Converged Infrastructure

First, Extreme Networks has a validation program called the Extreme Validated Solution (EVS). We test and certify our products and technologies for Data Center / Cloud solutions and our first  EVS enables Microsoft Lync solutions over Extreme Networks infrastructure.

We currently have another EVS, this one focused on Converged Infrastructure – the storage, compute, network elements, addressing high performance, low cost data center requirements.

We’ll have that published in July.  Stay tuned.

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