May 18, 2015

Healthcare Mobility: Changing the Face of Patient Care

It is evident that the increase of mobile devices has introduced many positive changes across the healthcare industry. The explosion of mobile health applications has presented clinicians with the opportunity to improve patient outcomes, better engage with their patients, streamline processes and communications with care teams, reduce errors, and much more. Patients now have access to health resources empowering them with increased information and knowledge of their condition, thereby enabling them to proactively stay on track with a healthy lifestyle.

To continue delivering the best care and patient experiences, IT staff must not only adapt to this mobile environment with reliable network connectivity and support, but also leverage the intelligent insight provided by network analytics to better understand and improve application usage.

As more and more healthcare companies adopt key mobile healthcare trends, better connections and insights will be an essential part of creating a mobile health system.

Last week we were honored to have David Chou, CIO of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, as our guest speaker discussing the impact of healthcare mobility. Below are highlights from the #hubchat hosted by Extreme Networks.

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