March 10, 2015

Good Business is Born from Great Service

The Stevie Awards

Stevie Awards

It’s no secret that exceptional customer service lays at the core of every successful program or business initiative. Here at Extreme Networks, one of our topmost priorities is providing customers with access to the best possible service experience. Our company was built around our award-winning support center and our recognition from the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service evidences how our team is continuing to deliver on this promise.

Since the acquisition of Enterasys just over a year ago, our team has been challenged to bring together two different groups of employees, partners and customers together as one to embrace an expanded solutions portfolio. An acquisition was no excuse to let our focus on customer service wane. We challenged ourselves to provide a superior level of technical support to our thousands of existing partners worldwide throughout this transition.

Not only have we overcome these challenges, our team has exceeded expectations. Tackling the hurdle of redesigning a comprehensive training and certification program was just the beginning. We have continued to expand and evolve our programs and solutions to better serve customers and partners alike. For instance, we heard from our customers that in today’s fast-paced enterprise environments, they prefer the fastest path to get what they need. Knowing that self-service tools are increasingly important to them, we’re taking the knowledge-centered support (KCS) solution we’ve been utilizing internally and are now rolling it out to our customers, empowering them to resolve problems as well.

Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive advantages for businesses of all sizes and industries. As the enterprise continues to evolve, our customer service and sales team must likewise evolve. We are committed to delivering the highest quality and most consistent end-user experience in the marketplace today, tomorrow and years down the road, and this year’s recognition in the Stevie Awards reaffirms this commitment.

About The Contributor:
Michael PellerinDirector of Extreme Networks University

As an award winning business leader with 12+ years of diverse experience within the aspect of Technical Training, Learning and Development and Global Program management, Michael is the Senior Manager of the Training and Certification program at Extreme Networks. Committed to creating and preserving a high-performance learning environment that emphasizes empowerment, and quality; Michael works with senior managers and industry experts to devise innovative and impactful ways to deliver meaningful content focusing on the organizations wired, wireless, and software/security solutions. In addition, Michael also is a key business partner of the Extreme Network Channel organization as well.

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