October 15, 2013

Ethernet, Futurecom and Brazil – Up and to the Right

RIo de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, host city for Futurecom 2013, one of the most exicting shows in networking.


The Ethernet Napkin

Few success stories have been as rapid or as big as the two we are going to touch on here – Ethernet and Brazil. From a humble start as a scribble on one of Bob Metcalfe’s napkins 40 years ago, Ethernet has proven itself as the single most widely used, widely deployed, flexible, adaptable and cost effective network technology around. Sure, there are other technologies in use in relatively limited niche applications such as Infiniband (server interconnect) and Fibre Channel (storage), which tend to be more expensive, slower or both when compared to similar Ethernet deployments, but the real excitement, and the real advantages, are being found in network convergence and Ethernet.


Tremendous growth in Brazil’s GDP

Similarly, Brazil, like Ethernet, has really taken off. From relatively humble beginnings, Brazil now has a larger economy than the rest of South America combined and is, at US $2.4 Trillion, the 8th largest in the world. With a growing advanced technology sector including aerospace, it is only natural that we are fascinated by Brazil here at Extreme. Not only is growth and advancement rapid, say nothing of the spirit, the drive and the excitement, but there is also a pragmatism that is sometimes missing in older markets. This completely reasonable desire to get the best possible return independent of what was done in the past or how things are done elsewhere has helped us work with local partners like Damovo to build networks like Infoway Procempa, the network at the heart of civic life in the city of Porto Alegre. This converged network connects hundreds of municipal buildings, over a hundred schools and 1000+ IP cameras. We are also in one of the largest financial institutions in the country with our flagship BlackDiamond X8. There are many other success stories for Extreme and our customers in Brazil and there will be many more to come.

In the meantime, we invite you to come see us at Futurecom 2013 this October 21-24 in Rio de Janeiro. We will be in Booth D16.

Also, Chuck Berger, Extreme Networks President and CEO, will be keynoting with a talk entitled “Ethernet-Driving Economic Efficiency” Wednesday, October 23 at 3:20 PM in the Ipanema room.

Carlos Perea

Carlos Perea, triathlete, gentleman and Extreme Networks VP of Latin America Sales.

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